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Ralph & Mark at CA


Ralph & Mark perform
in Charlotte


Mark & Pete


Mark Easley Jr.


Danielle Curran


Bryttany Curran


Ladies In Red


Ralph Gordon


Joanne & Barry


Steve Simpson




Kelle Olwyler


Diane Rodelli




Andrew Reuben




Uncle Steve


Uncle Gilbert Tung


Cousin Cindy


The Everly Sisters
(and Dad)
Tom, Jenna, Kaitlin






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These are the songs recorded by our Guest Artists. Click on the song title to download and play the MP3 file, or right click to save to your computer.

Ralph Gordon & Mark Easley - Homeward Bound (3:25)
Ralph Gordon & Mark Easley - Homeward Bound (Live) (6)
Watch the Homeward Bound Video (6:30)

We performed at the 2006 Evening of Entertainment Show.



Watch the Feelin' Groovy Video (1:38)
Ralph Gordon & Mark Easley - Sounds of Silence (4:21)

We performed at the Simon & Garfunkel Tribute in Charlotte October 2006.





Mark Easley Sr. - The Broken Record Song (Live) (3:45)

Mark Easley had a chance to study and sing with Pete Huttlinger at Swannanoa in 2005. Pete is a national guitar champion and the former lead guitar player for the John Denver band. Here is an original song by Mark performed at the folk week open mic from that year.




Mark Easley Jr. - Long Black Train - Studio version (3:28)
Mark Easley Jr. - Long Black Train - Live version (3:47)

This is a beautiful Josh Turner gospel number as featured in the 2004 spring show, sung by soloist Mark Easley Jr. Guitar by Mark Easley Sr.




Danielle Curran - Your Daddy's Son (3:35)

Our own amazing local singing talent Danielle Curran stopped by GoldHat to record this mournful tune from the musical Ragtime, as featured in the 2006 spring show. This you gotta hear!



Bryttany Curran - My Redeemer Lives (4:33)

A wonderful recording by Bryttany Curran who stopped by the GoldHat Studios in April 2011 to record this beautiful praise song. What a powerful gospel voice she has. Give it a listen.



 Ladies In Red - How Do I Love Thee (2:57)
 Ladies In Red - Tempted (3:25)

The very talented singing group from North Carolina State recorded some tunes at GoldHat Studios in 2006.




Ralph Gordon - Music of the Night (4:20)

Our friend and neighbor Ralph Gordon recorded at GoldHat in 2006.



  Joanne Does & Barry Nunn - Follow Your Light (3:20)
  Joanne Does & Barry Nunn - Winter's Night (4:14)
  Joanne Does & Barry Nunn - Remember Me (4:24)
  Joanne Does & Barry Nunn - Amazing Grace (3:31)

Joanne and Barry come to Swannanoa every year all the way from London Ontario. They make a great duet.


Steve Simpson - Dusty Lawn Chairs (Live) (5:07)

Here is a great original song by our Swannanoa songwriting friend Steve Simpson of Charlotte. Steve is one of the best songwriters I know.




3X Band - Back Porch Blues (2:42)

New! My old high school bud and music partner Kevin Mart has a hot band down in Phoenix. Here's a sample.



Kelle Olwyler - Miedo De Amor (5:32)

Here is a beautiful Spanish language song written and performed in 2006 by our Swannanoa songwriter friend Kelle Olwyler of Asheville.



Diane Rodelli - It's Christmas (4:08)
Diane Rodelli - I Found You  (4:44)
Diane Rodelli Live at Francesca's, May 18th 2006 (17:42)

Talented local blues singer Diane Rodelli performing at the NCSC open mic in Durham summer 2006.



Rhythmicity - Samba (4:53)

We had a chance to record our favorite local percussion band in 2006.



Andrew Reuben - Desperado (3:33)

A classic Eagles tune sung by Andrew Reuben at the 2004 spring show.



Rufus Dickerson - Ode to Billy Joe (4:54)

This is one of the greatest examples of a Mississippi delta blues song you would ever want to hear. When I heard it being sung in the blues voice of my friend Rufus Dickerson I knew we needed to record it in 2004. Hopefully Rufus will be back to do more soon.


Steve Easley - Susan
Steve Easley - Ellyn (2:15)
Steve Easley - Elysa (1:28)

Written and performed by Uncle Steve Easley for his wife and two daughters at GoldHat in 2004. Copyright 2002 Easley and Associates.


Gilbert Tung - Alhambra (6:07)

Classical guitar recorded in 2004 by Gilbert Tung, our best friend in Taiwan. Gil says he has been practicing more and loves to go to karaoke too..



Cindy Rowen - Love You Lord (2:25)
Cindy Rowen - Overwhelmed (3:09)

Vocals and Piano by Cousin Cindy Rowen who is a wonderful Christian music leader. Guitar by Mark Easley Sr. Recorded in 2004.




Kaitlin Everly - The Way You Make Me Feel (3:31)

Sung by Kaitlin Everly. From the 2004 Everly Sisters EP "What a Girl Wants". Background vocals by Jenna Everly, Tom Everly, and Mark Easley






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