I Love Music

By Rufus Dickerson

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Me guardin' the
 back porch

Me as a dorky kid

I'm pretty sure nothin' is more fun than music, except maybe a dog cookie, or a tennis ball, or chasin' a deer, or wrestlin' with my friend Ruby, or gettin' some pets, or scratchin' my ear, or rubbin' my butt on the ground, or ridin' in the car, or playin' with JR, or guardin' the back porch, or gobblin' down some dog chow, or barkin' at the doorbell, or huntin' down a gecko, or goin' to the dog hotel, or gettin' a new collar, or flappin' my ears, or meetin' a new friend, or lickin' somebody all over. Other than those things, music is right up there for me.

Rufus sings "Ode to Billy Joe"

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