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Here at the GoldHat site you can download free mp3 songs by Mark and his music friends. Mark has a group of his favorite songs from the 60's and 70's he calls Back to the Boxer,  and more with his Bonus Tracks.  We also have some live shows and interviews below with Mark and some of his music buddies.


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Live Shows

 Ellis Paul and Mark Easley

Here's a Youtube video of us performing "The Eagle Has Landed" live at the Swannanoa Gathering in North Carolina in 2019.

Here we are playing the beautiful Ellis Paul song "I Ain't No Jesus" on our Ellis Paul Fan Club Alaska cruise in 2018.

Mark Easley and Hiroshi Masuda Live Show in Japan

Here are some free mp3 downloads featuring live shows and interviews with Mark and Hiroshi.

More Live Shows

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