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See You Soon, We Love You


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"See You Soon, We Love You"

Written and Performed by Mark Easley.  2004 Mark Easley.

This song is dedicated to our military families.

Listener Comments:

I really dug your "See You Soon" song! Wow, those lyrics really hit home. I've only been to Iraq for 1 year, some of my friends have been twice. Some have multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks for writing this, performing it and sharing it with all of us. Great song!

Johnny Proctor

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Her husband is a chopper pilot in the cavalry.
She sends email and watches for his unit on TV.
She sits down every day and prays that he will come home soon.
She lays down every night and hugs his picture in her room.
"See you soon, I love you."

Their son is a mechanic in the state army reserve.
His unit went to Baghdad when they were recalled to serve.
The photos that he sends are on the 'frigerator door.
They often stare at them and hope today to get some more.
"See you soon, we love you."

Her mother is a humvee driver in the 3rd Marine.
She re-reads all her letters and does homework in between.
She packs another box with all the things her mom might need,
Baby wipes and candy and a note for her to read.
"See you soon, I love you."

His father is a gunny sergeant in the infantry.
He brags to all his friends his dad's as brave as brave can be.
He waits up every night in case his daddy tries to call,
and when he finally does he hears his daddy say it all,
"See you soon, I love you."

Soldiers and their families do much more than me and you.
There is still one small thing that the rest of us can do.
Every single day we've got to say this little prayer,
"Keep our soldiers safe until they come back home from there."
"See you soon, we love you.
We love you."

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