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We receive thousands of positive messages and comments from around the world via YouTube and email about our music videos and lessons. Thanks to everyone who sent one. Here are a few of our favorites.

We received this wonderful photo and story from Ken via YouTube.

"Mark, I was listening to you singing and playing Homeward Bound and I remember back in October 1969 I was in Vietnam and preparing to come home after serving my tour of duty.  I was out of the field and on the big base in Chu Lai, which was the Americal Division headquarters. I was with a few of my buddies that I served with and we had a transistor radio listening to an Armed Forces station, which happened to be playing Homeward Bound.  Well, we went down to the beach and I had my friend take my picture looking down at me.  I sent this picture home to my mom and she had it in a frame, on the living room table. I thought I would share this picture with you.  Every time I hear this song I think back to coming home from Vietnam and this picture. I hope you like it. I like the song!


Hi Ken, I love this story and photo, thanks for sending it. Click to see the Homeward Bound video Ken is talking about.

April 25th, 2010, via YouTube.

Well, you don't get a message like this every day. I was very humbled to receive this message from Belinda:

Hello Mr. Goldhat,

I wanted to tell you a story. About 2 years ago I was 48 years old and diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. I was told I would be going through surgeries and treatments and would be out of commission for several months.

I had no idea how I could get through being laid up for any length of time because I've always been a pretty animated person. I thought about buying a guitar because I've always loved the sound of the instrument and I love to sing.

I purchased an $80.00 guitar and Googled "guitar lesson" and came across a Youtube video of you doing Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. MY FIRST song learned on the guitar! Since that time I now have 5 guitars and have began performing with others as a guitarist and singer. 

I am now considered "in remission" and am working on my next performance set. I've been told I will be doing "Crazy" and "Route 66". It's great. My 26 year old twin sons get to take girls out on dates to watch their mother perform at clubs and bistros. My other son takes my two grandchildren to every show I have. It has given them totally confidence in getting in front of an audience and performing their little school programs. They think it's totally normal to get up in front of others and sing songs.

I honestly believe the guitar saved my life and kept me from suffering with depression during the many months I fought cancer. It was your calm and simply way of showing how to play wonderful songs that kept me excited every I picked up my guitar.

I wanted to share this story with you because I felt it was important to let you know how much influence you have had on my life and the life of my family and friends.

I have only one video on youtube to show you, and it's not the best but it's partly because of you I was able to perform that.

Thank You,

Belinda S
Denair, CA

Hi Belinda, your story is incredible, and I believe that music can help heal your soul and your body. So glad it all worked out for you and your family.

Here's a very nice comment I received from 65strummer in the U.K. via YouTube:

"Mark, just a few words of thanks for your videos on YouTube. There are some good players here, but in our opinion your skills and talents are simply "exceptional". We have been listening to S & G, Neil Young etc for over 30 yrs, and your versions are probably the best we have heard. Your lessons are "inspirational" to all guitar players, no matter what level they are at in their playing. Please keep them flowing, as I for one will be "having fun" with all your videos. All the best from the UK. - 65strummer"

Cheers to you and yours mate! Comments like yours make it all worthwhile.

We got this message from the very talented Logan Murrell. She needed a song to play on a TV show appearance.

"Thanks so much for this lesson. I took it and put it with what I know and came up with what you see in the video response. Thanks a million. I had to do it on TV and had no idea where to start. Have a Great 2008.
Logan Murrell"

Here is Logan's beautiful video of "I'll Be Home For Christmas".

Here's a nice message we received from Dennis via YouTube.

"Hello Sir,

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for your contributions to YouTube. I am a beginner on guitar and I enjoy playing very much. Because of your contributions, I can play Christmas songs for my friends tonight at our office Christmas party. I am playing the guitar as if I were doing it for a very long time and I am so excited about it. I wanted to write and let you know that you are greatly appreciated and I want to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. You are very easy to listen to and make learning a joy. Thanks a million and God bless.


Hi Dennis, thanks for your kind words, and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Here's a message we received from Mike about making videos for YouTube:

"I love all your stuff on the you tube. You have been a great help to me. Your lessons are some of the best--you seem to get the most out of the space you use, therefore, I do,as well. It helps that your hands are in time with the music, and the video is clear and bright. The sound is very good. I think you are the kind of guy who likes gadgets--I see you have a nice arsenal of good guitars and you also have been experimenting with stereo recording. if my observations are correct, maybe you can help me in my learning process of how to make a decent recording/video. I have a nice Martin acoustic with no pickup. There are so many options available out there, it's confusing. I live in a rural area of Pa. with no music stores within 100 miles. I have been looking in mail order catalogs and on the internet. If you don't want to plug brandnames, don't. I would just like to know what kind of equipment would give me a decent sound for vocals and acoustic guitar that I could record and post on you tube. I know it's a lot to ask of a stranger, but if you could help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks for considering this, MIKE."

Hi Mike, a lot of people have been asking about my gear, so I will post a video soon about how I make videos. But in the meantime, here are some tips. Get a decent webcam, I use a Logitec that records 640x480 wmv files as the native format, and has very good automatic lighting and focus controls. It was about $100. I use free windows movie maker to edit these videos.

I recently upgraded my sound system, because the sound quality on the logitec webcam is not very good. Now I use a headset with a microphone for the vocals, and I plug that and my guitars directly into a small mixer, behringer UB1204FX, and the mixer into my soundcard. I use free Audacity software to record the audio while I am recording the video with the webcam. Then I combine the audio file and video file in windows movie maker to create the final video file. In your case, a decent microphone going thru the mixer should pick up your vocals and guitar and give you a good sound. The key is to get a good recording of both the audio and video and then combine them.


I'm 53, and been picking for most of my life, but never serious enough. In the last few years I have tried to give more time to my passion, and have been rewarded with better playing. I just recently discovered U-Tube, and your laid back lessons. You look like you love YOUR passion as much as me, and I just have to say that it's pretty great you give your time to help strangers play the old great songs we all grew up with. Thanks Mark, and I would be happy to forward a small donation to help you continue.
The first song I ever played,(very poorly) in my school commons was "Here comes the Sun" I was so embaressed by how poorly I played it I think I put the guitar down for years. I swore someday I would learn it. Thanks to watching you play it, and several times I might add, I have got it. Thanks again.

Hi Jeff, thanks for your kind words, I hear a lot of nice stories like yours from those who started playing way back when and have started up again after seeing my lessons on youtube. I have a place on my website where you can make a donation or buy a CD with paypal. I can relate to your story about Here Comes The Sun, I had a similar experience in summer camp, but I stuck with it and I am glad I did. This is the best hobby for us old geezer club members.

Have fun with that one!

Hi Mark
Just wanted to thank you and say how for years I just struggled to play anything, and tried to play Beatles song especially ,but after a few months of plugging away I have been able to play reasonable songs with your guidance, so much so I have just bought a Gibson Epiphone Twelve string which I am having great fun with. Once again thank you so much .

Steve H.
England ,Bournemouth,Dorset

Hi Steve, always glad to have another student in England. I hope to come over and stop by Liverpool one of these days.

Hiya Goldhat,

For anyone who plays guitar, is learning to play, or wants to play, you are truly one of the unsung heroes in music, and I'm sure this sentiment is echoed by hundreds of thousands of guitarists around the world.  Not only do you play brilliantly, but you teach brilliantly, and wait for it - you do it for free! Anyone who offers to teach and share their knowledge of music is a gifted and special individual.  My guitar playing has improved tenfold because you have unknowingly inspired me.  I know you have given much time and effort, and people like me have benefited in a fraction of that time, and that is why i wanted to truly thank you for being who you are and doing what you have done. I so much want to meet and play alongside you one day, it would be like the apprentice meeting the master!  Maybe I'll just post a video on you-tube for you instead, but for now, thanks Goldhat, you are a legend!


Hiya Jamz, 'Legend' Hmmm.... I like the sound of that! You have spoken for many, and said it well. I appreciate it, and I hope you will continue to be inspired playing the guitar.


I guess that the subject line here should be 'thanks', rather than 'wow' but they both certainly work.

I just discovered you on here and, you know, I must confess that you're lessons are likely the easiest to follow. I've been strumming, so to speak, for years but think I needed someone just like you and your style of playing/teaching to help me get to the next proverbial level.

So...thanks! Love your choice of songs, your sound and techniques. You somehow have the ability to make easy what others can't and I've only watched 2 or 3 of your lessons so far!

Side note, if I may, I have forever been looking for a lesson for Even in the Quietest Moments by Supertramp. Any chance that you might offer a lesson on that one (or even know where I can find tab or a lesson beyond the intro?).

Regardless, thanks for all you do on here...a true inspiration.


Cheers Foreverlearningmore, glad you like the lessons, learning songs is the best way to learn for some of us. I don't know that Supertramp song you mentioned, but I used to like to listen to "Bloody Well Right" at full volume on a couple of 15" cabs, not like the wimpy stuff they have now-a-days ;-)


d7a501 commented on the original song "Wasn't Meant To Be" sung my Danielle and Mark Jr, and written and produced by goldhat3:

Very warm and close to home! Great performances by all players! I especially Loved Danielle because of her true strength, in portraying true emotions! Beautifull strong voice! Angel Amazing! I played this song and cried more than twice. Mark you did a great filler spot. I understand, you're young yet, you'll know true music when you know true heartbreaking pain! but you'll get there.Guitar sang a song that was just as beautiful to the soul as a real emotion could sound! Thanks Goldhat!

Hiya d7a5o1, glad you like it. The song kind of grows on you. You are right about the guitar part, that is where the song came from, almost like magic.


Dan writes about buying a new guitar:

Hello again from the Great White North.

Well my new guitar has finally arrived.  In the end I didn't go with the Dean EVO XM.  Nearly 90% of the owner reviews on this guitar rated it as a piece of Chinese-made junk using cheap, substandard hardware.  I was considering the Epiphone Les Paul Special II until I struck up a conversation with a professional guitarist in the music store.  His suggestion was to go with the ESP LTD EC-100QM.  It was twice the money but she sure is a beauty.  I played it in the store and she sounds great.  I was surprised by the amount of sustain despite the bolt-on neck.  The store sales staff are all accomplished musicians and the salesman I was dealing with spent the time to explain everything to me....he even changed the strings with a new set of Ernie Ball Slinky's and set the action to my liking and I played it! she really sings now.  What a difference a set of strings make.  Pictures don't do justice to the beauty of the dark cherry quilted maple body.  Instead of getting an amp I'm thinking of going with the StealthPlug and using my computer instead.  You had asked me to send a photo when I got my new guitar so here it is.  I consider it an honor that you would include me in your student's gallery. Thank You!

Hi Dan:

Hi Dan, wow, that is one sweeeeet guitar. Actually, I think the way you went about it is the best way to buy a guitar. It's good to ask around and check the reviews, but the best thing is to play lots of guitars. Sooner or later, one of them will really feel and sound good to you, and that is the one to get. Sounds like that's what happened to you. Sometimes that one special feel guitar is one of the cheapest ones in the store, but they just happened to make a good one that day in the factory and you find it. I like my $200 Little Martin and Sigma guitars just as well as my Taylor and Guild, and my Dean Rosewood is a magnificent piece of work, made in Korea.

You are so right about the strings too. You have to find the strings that feel right to you, and sound good on the guitar. Even a guitar that you already love can always be made better with the right set of strings. It takes some experimenting as you change strings every month or two, but it is worth the effort.

I know you will have a blast with that new guitar, let me know if you post a youtube vid of you playing it. Thanks for the picture. 


We have had a couple of very nice comments lately about our original song "Wasn't Meant to Be"

d7a5o1 comments:

Very warm and close to home! Great performances by all players! I especially Loved Danielle because of her true strength, in portraying true emotions! Beautiful strong voice! Angel Amazing! I played this song and cried more than twice. Mark you did a great filler spot. I understand, you're young yet, you'll know true music when you know true heartbreaking pain! but you'll get there. Guitar sang a song that was just as beautiful to the soul as a real emotion could sound! Thanks Goldhat!

Hi ya d7a5o1, glad you like it. The song kind of grows on you. You are right about the guitar part, that is where the song came from, almost like magic.

witchesbru writes:

Hi Mark, This is Roger. I was looking for a tutorial for While My Guitar Gently Weeps and found yours. My guitarist and I were having disagreements with the chords to this song, and you ironed it out for us. It was great.

However, what I'm really writing to say is that I came across your YouTube page and found the song "Wasn't Meant To Be" and was absolutely blown away!!!

Great music, great sound, great guitar playing, great a nut shell it was GREAT!!!

I must have listened to it 10 times in one hour and kept getting the chills!

The words and video really captures the essence of high school first loves.

I went on to view some of your other videos and again was just blown away. Great guitar pickin' and great voice.

Thanks for sharing everything!



Hi Roger, thanks for your comments on "Wasn't Meant to Be". I particularly like that song and video because my son and Danielle did such a great job with it. So I am always glad to hear when somebody appreciates it too.

Hi Mark,

I came upon one of your videos on you tube by accident and I really enjoyed it, so in the past 2 weeks, I've learned about every song that you have done on there !  I just wanted to say thanks for the lessons ! I've been playing about 40 years now and after a 3 year absence due to depression I've finally gotten my love for playing guitar back ! I went out a couple weeks ago and purchased a new 12 string and I thought I would learn some new songs as not to bore my wife with all the same numbers I have always played. You certainly have made it quick and easy for me and now my wife is enjoying my playing once again (although she never admitted she didn't). Thanks again buddy, I'll certainly keep watching, hope you make more !


Paul ( From Easton, Pennsylvania )

Hey Paul, nice to hear from you. I did the same thing, I layed off playing for about 15 years, then started back up again back in 2000. It is a great hobby for us old geezers, I enjoy it more every day. Keep on strummin' and have fun with that one!

One of my student subscribers recently made his public acoustic guitar debut:

Mark, Saturday night my band was playing for a wedding reception and the coordinator told us to leave to dress  and not come back to play until 8:30. The bride had asked us to start playing at 7:45. Anyway, I was there with only the lead guitarist at 7:45 and the guests came in and were milling around. I picked up an acoustic electric Martin 6 string and fingerpicked the Wedding Song . (much easier on 6 string) Sounded good enough the lead guitarist turned up the volume so I played background music for the guests for about 10 minutes of just that instrumental .I play Latin percussion in the band so I surprised our guitarists and drummer. It was really fun. Thanks to you. April Come She Will will be a great addition to my repertoire.

You are awesome.


Hi Chris, great story, it is great that you are adding acoustic guitar to your musical arsenal. Glad to have you on board as a student and subscriber.

Mirko from Italy writes:

Good evening, Mr. Easley.
My name's Mirko and I write from italy.
I don't speak a very good english, so it's very difficult to tell you what i feel when i listen for your music on youtube.
You are great, and i love your voice and your music style.
I like very much country music and oviously, john denver is one of my favorite singer.
Anyway... i listen for your song, "lift you if you fall" and i cry.
I'm married, but i haven't a child, anyway this song catch my heart, and i love it!
And "without you" is a very nice song, too...
All your song give me a particular sensation, they're very simple and, at the same time, so rich...
Maybe my english can't tell all my emotion, but i can say only same world.
I'm happy to find a very nice person like you!
The email address is the same that i use for msn messenger.
If you want you can add me, so we can talk about country music, sometimes.
And obviously... if you'll be in italy, in the future, we're happy to guest you in our house.
I have a final question...
How much it cost the expedition to italy, of your cd?
Cause i would like to buy it...
Thanks a lot for everything and sorry for my english!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Mirko, thanks for writing, I think your English is very good! Glad you like the songs and lessons. Thanks for your invitation, I hope I can visit Italy again some day, and stop by to see you.

You can order my CD called "Lift You If You Fall" on my website using paypal here:

I will be happy to mail it to you in Italy, please let me know your address over there. Ciao!!!

jessiesuomalainen writes


I live in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. I am 49 years young. I have tinkered with guitars and destroyed many songs for over 30 years. This year, I made a promise to myself that I will spend more time playing my guitars (which I love doing) and even get some professional tuitoring. I began the lessons early on in the year and to supplement these lessons, I surfed the web and that's when I came across your site.

To cut a long story short, I have given up the lessons and tuned into your youtube lessons. I don't say this lighty - you are the best, most calming tuitor I have even seen and had the pleasure of been taught by. Your song list is uncannily right out of my life music and CD collection.

I have now a repertoire of many Beatles and S&G songs that I can play to my wife, family and friends. I'm even passing on what I've learnt to fellow guitars hacker friends! The only negative comment that I have had from my wife is - 'you're spending too much time on the computer!' That's OK though...this morning I showed her the unvieling of your S&G guitar. She loved it.

Thank you once again and God bless you.

What can I say? G'day mate, and have fun with those tunes!

Hi - Mark right? I just think of you as Goldhat lol. I subscribe to your "site" on youtube and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning some new songs from you. Given this and your obvious guitar knowledge I thought it would make logical sense to ask you a question I have. I'm fairly new to the guitar but not a complete beginner. The bottom line is this: I want to practice smart and effectively. I want to be a better player as fast as possible. I will put aside the time to practice but I need to know how to practice. I don't want to waste my time doing chromatic runs if there are quicker ways to get better. I can't afford guitar lessons at this time so I need to know specific techniques for chord changing more precisely and quickly, learning how to fingerpick, and learning how to play leads, etc... Where do I get this knowledge? Is there a book or internet site that you know of that offers this information?

Thanks for hearing me out!

Regards, Patrick.


Hello Patrick, those are great questions, it is important to get the best quality practice time so you can improve. Everybody is different, but I always recommend learning new songs as the best way to practice. The reason is that you will always feel you are accomplishing something very enjoyable as you learn each new song. And for each new song, you will always have to learn some new technique, like some new chord changes, a little lead part, or some finger style pattern. Over time you will be able to have all these little tools in your guitar toolbox and it will become easier and easier to play almost anything.

I have a couple of practice technique videos on my channel, I called 'relaxed' style, which show you easy and non-tiring ways to practice. Just search for 'goldhat3 relaxed' and you will find them.

I think if you practice about 1 hour per day is about right for many people, first playing and practicing a few songs you know for about 30 minutes, then start learning a new song for another 30 minutes (this is where YouTube is a big help), and it is fun too. But don't limit yourself by the clock. If you are working at getting a new chord change or finger pattern, keep at it until you can do it slowly. Then for the next few days practice it more while speeding up. This is how you train your fingers to play it properly and up to tempo. And always remember that keeping a slow tempo going is better than slowing down or starting and stopping to get a perfect sound from each note or chord. That will come along as you practice more.

There are some very good technique teachers out there too, my favorite is Justin Sandercoe. You can mix in some of his technique lessons with the song lessons from me and others, and next thing you know, you will be a YouTube star! Have fun with that one!


John D writes:


I would like to express my gratitude for your lessons online at YouTube, I have learnt several new songs on a guitar that sat for 2 years doing nothing.

I have recently lost a daughter and needed an outlet to express myself, it has been a hard road and filled with many twists, turns, and hurt.

I found you on YouTube by accident and loved the way you taught, after, watching your first video I found, I knew a way to express myself in music.

I hope you and yours keep up the message, and it is a message, of teaching those to express themselves in music.

P.S. My wife is actually happy as well, with the loss, she has found an outlet as well, she enjoys trying to sing with the songs I have been learning.

We did donate, not much, but we do hope it gives you inspiration to keep teaching, this world needs more folks like you, thank you very much.


John D.

Hi John, thanks for writing, I received your donation, thanks. I know it must be a difficult time for you and your wife, so I am glad that music can help you get through it. Music sometimes has almost a magical power to bring out some of our deepest emotions, which helps in the healing process.

Stories like yours of you strummin' that guitar with your wife singing along are very inspirational for me, and are the reason I put the lessons up there. Thanks for watching.


From Bill F. in Illinois:

You didn't do it all. I tried too. But you taught me how to play the guitar starting about two years ago. And now I play better than I ever thought I would. And I'm not afraid to sing because you taught me not to be. Three months ago, I started taking face to face guitar lessons. At my last lesson, when I entered the room, I laid my guitar down on the floor, and never played a lick. Because of your inspiration, I had a feeling music had a place for me in my retirement that golf didn't. It's true my parents never swung a club but then tinkled the ivories quite a bit; my father paying his way through college at the piano.

At my last lesson, we didn't work on my guitar technique which still has a long long way to do.

Where is this going? Because you made me think music might have a place for me, I walked though the door. I'm writing songs. I don't know if they're that great, but my guitar teacher seemed amazed and I feel like a fountain that pours out melodies almost as fast as I can write them down. Which is invigorating.

The reason I walked through this musical door was you. It's a wonderful world being a part of even if my little piece of it amounts to just a spec. Thanks.

Bill F.
Charleston, Illinois
Thank you for being you.

Dear Bill;

Thank you! It is messages like yours that make it all worth while. And get all those songs out and into the world, we need them!


My April 24th 2010 Wedding - AND YOUR GUITAR

I wrote a note to you about two months ago letting you know that I planned to make your "Wedding Song - There is Love" my bridal march for my April 24 wedding. Well, with great anticipation and resulting joy and bliss, this was accomplished. Mine was an outdoor wedding alongside a marsh behind my home. I can't even begin to describe to you how much those angelic chords from your 12-string guitar hit me straight to the heart, as well as all of my family and guests. Your song, and specifically, the way you played it and sung it, was the capitulation to my wedding day. It actually sounded like echoing bells in the open air. Heavenly and enchanting are the best words to describe it. I can't thank you enough for bringing that piece of paradise to our day. God is Love and he and his angels were smiling down on our ceremony. God Bless You, Mark.


Hi Celeste, thanks so much for your kind words, and wonderful letter. Glad I could help out, I love to play at weddings! God Bless you and your new marriage.


Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2010 2:40 PM

Hey Mark,

 I just got the DVD that you made me, and itís awesome! I left Angola in December so they had to forward the DVD that you made to where I now am, Santiago, Chile, so I just recently got it.

But many thanks from a Marine overseas. Iím really getting to a point with playing that Iím learning much quicker and your videos are helping me build my library. I went and made a donation of $25 on you website for putting this together for me.

 Thanks again Mark and Iíll make sure to tell everyone I know about your website.

Semper Fi,

Justin OíConnor
Sgt             USMC

Hey Sarge, glad to hear you got the DVD, that Marine mail works pretty good. Hope you are enjoying Chile and getting some time to play some tunes. I appreciate your donation, if it's all right with you I will send it on to the Wounded Warrior Project, my favorite charity.

Keep it safe and keep on strummin'!!


June 6th 2010 from Alessandro in Italy

Dear Mr. Goldhat,

maybe you remember me. I'm Alessandro, the italian guy who ask you for some guitar advice two years ago. I really hope you remember me. I'm writing to say thank you. You taught me a lot through your wonderful lessons. It's thanks to you if now I can enjoy playing and recordings my favourite songs. I think of you as one of my teachers, maybe the most important 'cause you are maybe the only one that shares the same passion for S&G as me. I trained as hard as my student life allows me and now...well i'd like to say i can play but it's better if I'll let you say this to you :).

I'm writing also to tell you that I'm going to post some videos on youtube of me playing. You're not going to see me playing, just some pics of S&G and my recordings on them. I used Garage Band to overwrite three different tracks: one for guitar, one for vocals and one for harmonies. I used the integrated mic of my mac so the sound is not as good as your recordings but it sounds nice to me 'cause it seems an old and rare bootleg :).

I really would like you to have a look to these videos of mine and give me your opinion. My youtube nick is alebar84. I just subscribed to your channel so you'll find me easily.

Thank you so much mr. goldhat. Keep helping young music fans like me. You're really doing a great job!


Ciao Alessandro! I just listened to your "Leaves that are Green" recording. GREAT!! Good guitar, singing, harmony, and sound quality. You really did the job very well on that one. I will listen to the others now, you almost have enough to make your own CD!

I am very happy that you were able to learn the songs so well and glad I could be helpful to you. I am your subscriber now because I love the S&G covers like yours. Ciao!

P.S. Thanks for the dedication on The Boxer.

John H. writes, July 16, 2010:

Dear Mark:

I am 58 and play guitar just for my own enjoyment and challenges. I've reviewed several internet based guitar lessons. I my opinion, your lessons are the best. Your simple straight forward presentation is easy to follow. Your teaching style is at the learner's level. You give me an "I can do that" energy instead of; "I'll never be able to do that" frustration. I'm a college professor and know quite a bit about teaching. Keep up the good work. Your lessons are very helpful and spot on.

I am looking forward to listening to your music. Many times I play music in my classroom. I'm sure your cd is one my students will enjoy listen, too.

Thanks again.


John H.

Hi John, I appreciate your comments, and coming from an experienced teacher and professor that means a lot. I know everyone learns in different ways, so I was wondering what it was that people like about my lessons. Now I think I understand, thanks for enlightening me.

On December 2nd, 2010 Mark F. wrote:

Hi Mark, I hope everything is okay with you. My condolences to you. I saw your Mother passed away, I'm so sorry.

I have really enjoyed your online lessons. We must be around the same age (I'm 56) because I love all of the songs you chose... my era!

I am a struggling guitarist, I just enjoy it for my own satisfaction. I live on a sailboat right now and we are in Manzanillo Mexico currently. The guitar is a great way to keep yourself entertained in the evenings without using a lot of electricity. It can be your best friend... as John Denver says in his song "This Old Guitar."

I have really learned a lot from you and really missed your posts. So I was just wondering if you were doing alright.

Missing you, Mark

PS- my wife and I keep a website of our travels if you would like to look at it. We have been traveling in a 5th wheel trailer before sailing, so, there is a lot of good photos and info.

Mark F.

Hi Mark, thanks for checking in. As a matter of fact, I have been out of commission for a while as I had heart surgery 6 weeks ago. But everything has worked out fine and I am getting stronger every day. Just last night I was working on a couple of new songs, so you should see some more videos coming very soon. When I get emails like yours it really cheers me up and gets me motivated.

Your website is great! My wife and I love to travel too, although we are more the airplane, hotel, or cruise ship style, but like you I bring my guitar everywhere I go. Maybe you can stop by Wilmington NC or Myrtle Beach one of these days and gives us a ride on your boat and we could do some jamming together.

Say hello to Jimmy Buffett for me and have fun with that one!

Best regards,

Mark Easley Sr.

dannyt92548 sent me this message on youtube on 10-Dec-2010:

Just like gandelf1967 I've also been playing off and on (mostly off) for about 35 or so years and never got any good at it, but about 2-1/2 years ago, open heart surgery put an end to my engineering career and a lot of medical people said that playing guitar would be good for the healing process. However, you and what you do, (showing and teaching people like me), how to play songs, especially acoustic tunes of the 70s, which I love, has helped the healing process even more. By everything you've done here on you tube shows me that you are selfless and kind. So with that in mind, I would just like to say "THANK YOU" so much, not only for teaching great songs of the past, but also for sharing your talents with everyone who comes across your site. God Bless you and keep on playing/teaching. You are a wonderful person.


Hey Danny, I was very happy and surprised to read your message on my channel, thanks for sending it. I just had open heart surgery myself and I know that both playing guitar and listening to others on youtube is a big part of my healing process too. Glad I could be some help to you along the way in your recovery.


Stephanie P. emailed on 1-16-2011:

To Mr. Mark Easley

i just want to share with you .. how AMAZING your rendition of the Beatles Dear Prudence was . It really touched my heart ! You did such a wonderful job with that . The sound on your acoustic is outta this world .. It is like a Stradivarius Violin .. I have NEVER heard such a beautiful sound coming from a guitar before.

I also would like to recommend Making a Facebook Page !  Yes i know ,i know .. BUT you would get alot more views to your videos on yourtube as well as your website if you were to join the Facebook world . And i would love to be your friend .. I am nobody special i just have a deep joy in my heart that cannot be described when i hear people like you make music .It truly is such an AMAZING gift to be able to make music !! Any way this is my facebook page if and when you do make a facebook page ... i sure hope you do .. cuz i will pass your videos to all my friends in a heart beat !!!



Hi Stephanie, thanks for the kind words, I am glad you like the guitar on Dear Prudence, I was surprised how well that came out when I recorded it too. I do have a facebook page, I just sent you a friend request. I don't use facebook much because youtube takes a lot of time, maybe I should spend more time over there. I post all my videos on youtube because that is where all my subscribers are waiting for some new videos and lessons. Looking forward to being your friend on facebook and youtube.


Here is the Dear Prudence video Stephanie is talking about:

Joe S. emailed on 5/27/2011

Hi Mark, I was just thinking about you! I'm glad to see your newsletter, because it means (I hope) your health is improved and you're feeling pretty good. You know, the internet is a funny thing; in our generation, some say that it breaks down communication and isolates people. I feel it could go either way. If I can care about someone and send along a note of greeting to them (if I have access to an email address) maybe it brings folks together and makes the world a little smaller and less foreboding. I like to think so, anyway.

So thank you for your dedication to making these wonderful lessons, and to keeping up your web site. More than that, thank you for sharing yourself, and giving us, your audience, a chance to see how adding music to your life can bring such joy and a sense of fulfillment.

Do take care of yourself, and I look forward to the next lesson-

Sincerely, Joe S.


Hi Joe, thanks for the kind words, I always appreciate hearing from my fellow guitarists and students. I agree it makes the world smaller, because I hear from people all over the world that share one thing in common, they love to play the guitar and make music for themselves and others. Joy to the world.

I am feeling much better, thanks for asking. Have a good weekend and have fun with that one!


Roger D. emailed on 7/21/2012

First, let me say thanks for some great lessons! I have been looking at you on YouTube since I started back playing the guitar after about a 30 yr lapse. Like many, I played in a rock band in the 60s when I was in high school. Well, Uncle Sam had some ideas for me, then I got married, then we had kids (who are now grown with kids of their own) and now Iíve picked up the guitar again. Proud to say I can still play lots of the 60s music I enjoyed way back when and now picking up jazz, standards and some oldies I missed along the way. Which brings me to you. Iíve read other comments about how people come back to your lessons because you have a way of really making it easy.... and I have to agree. I look at other lessons but then always check you out. Example... The Boxer and America. Two great classics that Iím sure my great, great grand children will be be playing and you have made it so easy for me (and others, I am sure) to play the music.

Thanks for your great teaching style!
Roger D.
(my Paypal donation is on the way)


Hi Roger, thanks for writing and the donation. I love to hear that people are picking up their guitar again after 30 years and that I can help a little on their musical journey. It's about the best hobby there is for guys like us.


August 2, 2012

Dear Sir,

Many years ago I used to play in a rock band (back in England) and had the time of my life. Since then I have been ordained (Church of England and then a move to Florida to become rector at an Episcopal Church). The demands of the work meant that I had less time to play guitar, which I didn't really mind, but the onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis meant that it actually became impossible to play.

This upset me greatly, as I realized - for the first time - that I was losing part of who I am. Roll on a few years, and a new form of treatment (nothing 'high tech' - just good old antibiotics, believe it or not!) and I got to the point that I could pick up a guitar again without wincing for the first time in years. This was all good - except that my fingers refused to do what I knew they were supposed to do.

To say that I was getting frustrated was an understatement - I then decided that perhaps the best way forward was to 'start from scratch'. Being a bit of a geek I decided to look on the internet. Well Ö there is a LOT out there! But it is all very patchy, and most of the songs they were teaching didn't interest me. And then there are people who cannot play trying to teach, and then there are excellent players who cannot teach!

Last week I was idly 'googling' and decided to check out a friend of mine who is in a band called 'Medicine Hat' - he used to be a drummer in a band we were in way back in the 70s. I never did find out how he is because, somehow, I came across your website.

And so to the main point of my email: you, sir, are a natural-born teacher. I am still struggling with bar chords and getting my fingers working for picking but, slowly and with the help of your excellent lessons, I am beginning to make headway - and it has made me realize just how much I have missed playing, and how important music is to me.

Your skill in coaching is subtle; you gently lead the viewer and before they know it - BAM - they've just learned a song! You will never know just how happy you have made me!

I'm currently trying to learn Homeward Bound - one of my all-time favorite songs. I've never been able to play it properly but, although I am struggling with the finger picking, I fully intend to master it. And it will all be thanks to you.

I read that you've recently undergone surgery. I hope it was successful and that you are well on the way to making a full recovery - if you have not already done so.

Please accept my deep appreciation for all the time and effort you put in to making your lessons. I will be making a donation soon.


Andrew Heyes

Rector, St. Clement's Episcopal Church, Tampa, FL

Hi Andrew, I really appreciate receiving your note, and I am glad to hear you are able to strum the guitar again. I often hear from students that have picked up the guitar again after many years, but not often after recovering from a disability like you. I am sure the Lord had a hand in your recovery so you could begin making music again. I play in church every Sunday, and hopefully as you get more practice you will be able to play some tunes in church too.

There are a couple of Christmas lessons I have up there that might work for you this year. How about Silent Night? It was originally performed on the guitar in that German church long ago after Franz Gruber wrote the melody and guitar parts to go with the lyrics by Father Joseph Mohr. Interesting story about it here:

Best regards,




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