CA Chorus 2007 Spring Show

"School Daze"

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Be True To Your School (Cast)

Summer Nights (Julie Cooper and Mark Easley)

Conjunction Junction (Ensemble)

Lolly Lolly (Small Group)

Interplanet Janet (Small Group)

Book Report (Mrs. Holcombe, Ensemble Boys)

Six Languages (Meg Hewitt and Ensemble Girls)

Short People (Small Group)

Kids (Michelle LeFort)

Gee, Officer Krupke (Cole Boyer, David Sierra, Hill Winstead, Alex Vig, Justin Hines

Seal Our Fate (Katie Holt)

The Baseball Game/TEAM (Small Group)

Get'cha Head in the Game (Hudson Farren and Small Group)

I'll Make a Man Out of You (Joe Johnston and Small Group)

Status Quo (CK Atkins, Jordon Winn, Cole Boyer, Danielle Curran, Hudson Farren)

Mama I'm a Big Girl Now (Chelsea Block, Michelle Lefort, Lauren Jamiolkowski)

My Strongest Suit (Elizabeth Atkins)

Popular (Caitlin Daniels)

Dancing Queen (Cast)

Take a Chance on Me (Danielle Curran and Cast)

What a Wonderful World (CK Atkins)

A Little Bit In Love (Caitlin Daniels)

Tears on my Pillow (Clayton Casper and Ensemble Men)

There's a Fine Fine Line (Allison Yim)

Reach Out, I'll Be There (Andrew Reuben and Small Group)

No Such Thing (Mark Larus)

Bright Side of Life (Seniors)

Music of My Heart (Cast)

We're All in this Together (Cast, Amelia Hoyle, Phil DeSimone, Meredith Brown, Charlie Stutesman)

Runaround Sue (Accafellas)


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